How to make an ah-mazing oreo frappucino

How to make an ah-mazing oreo frappucino

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In a small cup, fill the bottom with a splash of water and microwave it for about 10 seconds. We want concentrated coffee for the frappucino and also it's ways faster than boiling

Add about a spoon of coffee or more to fit your taste

Next fill the rest of the cup with milk and add to blender

Add your two cups of ice (or ice cream, highly suggested but still tastes great) and blend away

Then add your Oreos and blend blend blend. When it starts to look like cement mixture you know that it's super chocolatey and done

Here's the outcome, it looks great and tastes amazing, gonna try it? Comment about how it came out :) *People, seriously it's addicting*

Watch the video: Oreo Frappuccino - takes less than 5 minutes