How to make a sock monkey

How to make a sock monkey

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You will need, needle, thread, scissors, cotton wool (approx half a bag per monkey), socks and a pen.

Turn your socks inside out

Arrange your socks like so, the flat sock will form the monkeys body and legs.

Using your pen draw legs for the sock monkey, leaving about a cm underneath the bottom and a half cm gap between the legs.

Cut the base of the sock off and cut around the legs that you drew. It doesn't matter if they aren't straight as you can sort this out with stitching.

Holding onto the edges of the legs, stitch round them in a straight line. When you get to the top of each leg stitch a tight knot. Make sure you leave a gap at the bottom to turn the sock inside out.

Turn your sock inside out.

Tear up cotton wool balls to make it easier to stuff the monkey. You will need about half a bag per monkey.

Stuff the monkey through the base.

Make sure the body is well stuffed before stuffing the legs. If it is lumpy you can stretch and roll the monkey to even it out.

Use smaller bits of cotton wool to stuff the legs.

Use the top of the pen to get the cotton wool to the bottom of the legs.

When the legs and body are stuffed, sew the bottom section up.

Even out the legs and body by rolling them.

The body is now done and can sit up on its own!

Take the other sock and lay it out flat. This will form the ears, mouth, arms and legs of the monkey.

Draw on the tail (on the left side), the ears (on the right top section), and the arms on the bottom right section, and...

...cut out.

As on the body, sew each element in a straight line (curving the stitches where needed) and turn inside out.

Stuff the tail and sew on to the back just above the bottom.

Tail done!

Stuff and sew the top of the arms up.

Arms done!

Stuff the ears, not too much though, as they need to bend.

Sew up the bottom of the ears

Fold the ear over and... the two sides together.

Sew the finished ears onto the side of the head.

Ears done!

Position the mouth and start to sew it on.

Leave a gap whilst sewing the mouth and stuff with cotton wool.

To give your sock monkey a smile, sew across the finished mouth.

Sew on some odd shaped or unusual buttons to give your monkey character.

Final step is to enjoy your sock monkey! :)

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