How to make water spotted nails

How to make water spotted nails

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Remove nail polish and use a nail filer if necessary to file your nails in your desire.

Use a base coat, here I'm using a silver polish. Remember, it's your choice of colors and multiples can be used but I preferred just one for this look.

Prepare your top nail coat and have the hand sanitizer spray ready . ROOM TEMPERATURE water is needed for the polish to sit and float, and spread.

Add about 4-5 drops one by one after they spread . The more drops, the more intense the color holds.

From a distance, depending on how your sanitizer sprays, spray to your desire of how you want your polish spread.

There is no right way, remember its to your desire. But if the gaps are to wide you can feel free to redo it til your satisfied .

This step isn't required. You may tape the sides and bottom for a quicker way to clean up and not let the polish stick to your finger.

Select your desired spot.

And dip it. You can use a toothpick to roll(clean) the polish around your finger.

Preview with tape* the tape helped a lot! After removing.


Finish the rest of your nails and here's my finished product! I didn't have nail polish remover so I cleaned it the best I could :) lol hope they turned out great!

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