How to cook kitchenaid made spaghetti

How to cook kitchenaid made spaghetti

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Change the accessory for the mix one (white)

Each 100g of flour, add 1 egg to the mix

Combine together, mix at speed 3 and add salt and pepper

Change the accessory for the hook, and the dough mix for 3 more minutes until you get this. Leave it (refrigerate it if preferred) for 30 min.

Cut it in width 5cm parts

Change the kitchenaid accessory, and start at level 1.

Change it to level 2 or 3, pass the dough, and a final (4th or 5th) ass with the thickness desired level.

Let it rest for 5 min, change the accessory for the cutter, and pass the lasagna tap, once each at speed 4 or 5.

Voila!!! Its better to boil them right away to avoid drying the pasta.

Remember to salt the water. They'll cook super fast (from 1 minute to 3), just taste them.

Chop some fresh tomatoes, add pepper and parmesan cheese, some olive oil, and enjoy it ;)

And remember to share, with red wine.

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