How to make a layered tea latte

How to make a layered tea latte

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Add about 4 or 5 tsp of tea to The Steeper (we chose Chai Guarana).

Fill your Steeper with hot water.

(Optional) Choose your sweetener.

(Optional) Add honey or agave and stir.

Add milk to frother. N.B. If you don't have a frother, here's a quick and simple way to froth at home >>


Carefully pour just the milk into your Perfect Mug.

Place Infuser in cup so that the base is slightly submerged in the milk.

Place Steeper on mug and let the tea pour in SLOWLY.

Leave some space at the top, and remove the Infuser.

Grab your foam...

...and top off your latte.

(Optional) Top with cocoa powder or cinnamon.


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