How to make mini apple pie bites

How to make mini apple pie bites

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Chop up 2 apples into small pieces. Option: you can peel the apples first . I did one peeled and one unpeeled.

Add sugar to a small bowl

Add cinnamon to bowl

Mix together

Add sugar mix to apples

Stir together

Unwrap the crescent rolls on a cookie sheet

Add a spoonful of the apple sugar mix to each crescent roll

Roll up

Place in oven for 25-30 min or until golden brown

Do the same thing with the 2nd package of crescent rolls

Take out when golden. Mine were done in 20 min.

Place on a cooling rack

Second batch done!

Drizzle with the icing using milk, powdered sugar and vanilla. I used more than 1 tablespoon milk. So use however much you want.

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