How to make a candy lei

How to make a candy lei

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Supplies (I had 19 leis to make so I needed a lot of just pick whichever type and amount you want. Each lei needs about 15 pieces of candy.) the cellophane was from the Dollar Tree ($1).

Cut a five inch section off of the roll of cellophane.

Cut a bunch of small pieces of ribbon.

Tie one end of cellophane and add a candy.

Twist the candy into the cellophane and tie it off with another piece of ribbon.

Add candy, twist, tie, repeat. Repeat. Repeat...

When you have filled the entire row, tie the ends together.

This gives you a small lei for a toddler or small child.

If you want to add length, cut another full length of cellophane, fold it in half and cut it.

Take the new cellophane and completely wrap the end around a piece of candy.

Add that candy to the existing lei as if it were a normal piece of candy and tie another ribbon.

The cellophane sometimes tears when you are twisting. Just add a piece of tape to secure it and it should not be noticeable.

Tie off the longer lei in the same way you would tie off the smaller one.

This size works for all ages.

And there you go...awesomeness!

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