How to cook a simple omelette

How to cook a simple omelette

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Cut 2 bacon strips in thirds, each third in 3rds lengthwise, diced & toss into medium low cast iron skillet.

Stir a few times over 5 minutes while you prep.

Grab 3 farm fresh eggs, crack into bowl, season & whisk.

Remove bacon, pour off half the grease, ready your ingredients, and set your pan to medium heat.

Pour egg into hot pan, swirl to coat bottom evenly, add your toppings, and once the egg begins to set give the pan a bit of a shake to loosen the Omlette.

Fold it in half while the egg still is a bit moist.

Put a lid on it for a few minutes & turn off the heat.

Plate it up with whatever condiments you like. If flipped at the right time, the filling should be sealed in.

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