How to clean a grill pan fast and easy

How to clean a grill pan fast and easy

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After cooking meat and left with a dirty, greasy grill pan......drain off the excess grease and allow it to be hot if it was already cold.

When hot, pour salt along the length of the pan.

Fold a paper towel/napkin leaving room for you to hold and start scrubbing the salt along the grooves of the pan.

Take care not to get burnt by the hot salt. Move from one end to the other. You may turn off the heat if the pan is hot enough.

Repeat the scrubbing until all stuck food is removed.

Pour off the salt

Rinse off the salt with clean running water .

If the pan is still hot the water will dry off. You may also pat the pan dry.

Pan is now ready for the next use. You may lightly grease the surface with some little oil to give it a shiny look.

Now you can cook your food.

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