How to do a modern roller set

How to do a modern roller set

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Make 3 sections of hair around the top section. Leave the top unclipped.

Twist back the top section and take a small piece at a 90 degree angle. You will continue to so this With every section.

Take a curling iron and curl straight down, and roll away from you.

BE CAREFUL. You'll have to pinch the hair off the curling iron so it stays like this, clip inside on both sides. Do this with every curl. Set with hairspray.

Do the same thing to all sections. Roll it away from you.

Continue rolling, and spray every curl with hair spray, in the same direction. It should look like this at first. (i didn't have time to finish) & after you finish the whole head, give a final spray.

Let your whole head sit for 10 minutes, spray it with hairspray really good and let it dry. This is what it should look like when you unravel it. Begin with the first one you did.

This is what they should look like.

Take the hair and comb it once or twice, twisting the comb with the hair for extra curl.

Spray and twist.

Backcomb/tease at the root on the OPPOSITE side the hair parts at.

Part and lightly comb over the tease, leaving a smooth finish.

Enjoy your vintage curls! Sorry i wasn't able to finish and show more! Any questions, just ask! Hope you enjoy! Follow me on instagram! @alwaysawkward_

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