How to make shortbread chocolate surprise

How to make shortbread chocolate surprise

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First thing you going to want to do is make the 200grams of butter smaller.

Add your 1/4 cup of castor sugar.


Beat up your butter and castor sugar mix. You wanna make it mushy.

Sift in your flour.

Add a tablespoon of water.

Hand beat or whisk it all together.

Break up you chocolate slab into blocks.

Don't eat too much of the chocolate pieces after you have broke them up, or you may not have enough... :)

Next you gonna wanna make this kind of FLAT shape.

Add one block of chocolate, and wrap it.

Stick em in the oven...

Let 'em bake for about 15-20min, at 180 degrees celsius . ( 350 degrees fahrenheit)

After they have baked, roll them in a bowl of icing sugar.

End result. YUM!!!

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