How to cook bouillabaisse

How to cook bouillabaisse

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Put the fish bones and crab bits into the pot

Add the greens such as celery, leaks and onions. Add bay leaf, white peppers

Fill the pot with water and stir with high heat

Devein prawns and cut off all the prickly bits such as the nose, mouth, eyes, legs and parts of tail. Cut the cuttlefish into 1cm rings

Take off all the prawn shell except last segment near tail. Put the shell and the bits cut off from prawn in previous step into the broth

While broth is simmering scoop out the white foam. Do this continuously to get a clear broth

Broth should look like this

To make the herb bread start with unsalted butter

Cook the herbs in oil with very low heat

Do not use to much oil while cooking the herbs

Once cooked add the herbs to the butter and add salt and pepper to taste

Butter the bread with your herb butter

After at least 30 minutes of simmering strain your broth using a cloth strainer

Marinate fish and prawns with salt and pepper. Flour the skin side of the fish. Cook fish and prawn 2-3 minutes each side

Add white wine and cook until no wine smell. Add a ladle's worth of soup base. Add saffron shreds and tomato sauce. Turn to medium heat

Saffron shreds and tomato sauce with tomato chunks

Add salt and pepper to taste

Shave some lemon skin after turning off heat

Prepare the presentation

Finished product with herb bread

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