How to make arroz con pollo

How to make arroz con pollo

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Separate the leaves from the stems of cilantro and put in blender.

Next is the chicken, you should remove most of the skin. It can be any kind of chicken.

Season the chicken with cumin, salt, and pepper.

Put oil in a pan to fry the chicken. Heat up slightly.

Put chicken in pan, and fry till its a light brown. Make sure you flip over after awhile.

While chicken is cooking work on the other stuff in the kitchen. First you crush the garlic.

Then dice the onion.

Make sure you check the chicken.

After the chicken is done, take it out and put it in a pan. After add the red onions, and the spice. Make sure you have 2 pans.

Blend up the cilantro. Add the water, about 1 1/2 cups, add more if needed.

Add the blended cilantro to both of the pans. Also add some water.

Then add the chicken. Cook in there for 5 minutes.

After the chicken is done, take out, and put the rice in both of the pans. In one pan 4 cups (the bigger pan) 3 cups (smaller pan) of rice.

After rice is added, add some green peas (not all of the pack, wayyyy to much). Then add a couple of pinches of salt.

Wait a 30 minutes, make sure you stir. Once the rice is bubbling, you would turn down the heat to low.

The finished meal.

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