How to canvas your own photos

How to canvas your own photos

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The Supplies!

On the back of your printed picture, lay down a light layer of Modge Podge with one of your paint brushes

Flip your picture right side up and lay it on your canvas (If you're picture is too big, trim it down)

Modge Podge all over your picture, if you have white residue on your picture, don't sweat it, it dries clear.

Wait for it to dry

Once dry, make your border. Post-It notes work better the tape, since they don't rip your picture when you pull it off. (I like to have my border overlap my picture a little, it helps it blend)

Complete your border all the way around (I like to tape the Post-Its together so they don't move around when I am painting my border)

Now Paint! The Post-It notes help keep a straight line around your picture, just paint towards the edge of the canvas instead of painting to the center

Don't forget to paint the sides of the canvas ....Wait for it to dry

Once dry, pull of the Post-It Notes and...

Voila! You've just completed your canvas photo

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