How to make spanakopita

How to make spanakopita

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Gather ingredients

Add two eggs to a bowl.

Crumble feta

Add to egg

Chop parsley

Add parsley to bowl and squeeze half a lemon into the bowl, too.

Chop onion, scallions

Heat pan with garlic infused oil and sauté until onion is translucent

While that's getting done, add spinach to boiling water

Once the spinach is thoroughly drained, add it to the mixture along with onion, scallions, cream cheese (or ricotta) parsley and nutmeg

If you'd like miniature spanakopita triangles, cut the phyllo into three equal parts.

Melt butter in a bowl and brush it onto three layers of phyllo. Place a teaspoon of spinach mixture and get ready to fold into triangles

Also brush the top of your triangles with melted butter

Align them neatly in a greased baking Pan. Place in oven at 350 until flakey and golden brown. About 25 minutes.


If you don't want the triangular spanakopita bites, take 4 layers of phyllo and brush each sheet with butter. Add mixture. Seal with 4 buttered layers on top. Same baking heat and time applies.


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