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15 Truly Useful Things You Can 3D Print

15 Truly Useful Things You Can 3D Print

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Do you have a 3D printer? Looking for something cool and easy to print? Good for you, you've come to the right place. Our quick guide has a selection of 15 cool things to 3D print. There are plenty of other awesome things to print on the sites sourced below so feel free to recommend or share these ideas. All you need is some quality material and a 3D printer and you're ready to start the process!

One-Handed Bottle Opener

Needing two hands to use a bottle opener in 2017 is unacceptable. The great, new design will help you mitigate this serious life issue and 3D print your own solution. Trying to improve on a basic design is not always successful but this certainly comes close.

Print time is less than an hour and you can download the template from YouMagine.

[Image Source: Tino Kaartovuori via YouMagine]

Shark Comb

Combs are highly underrated, if you are going to use one why not go for this little beauty? There are numerous 3D printed models you can go for; however, I would definitely give an advantage to shark comb.

You can download the template online, from YouMagine and it takes around an hour to print. If you don't like the finished product, you can start experimenting with different objects yourself!

[Image Source: Faberdashery via YouMagine]

Earbud Case

With the best will in the world, we all end up just ramming headphones into our pocket. As everyone knows once out of sight quantum physics dictates that the wires defy the laws of logic to become preposterously entangled. Take control of your world by printing these nifty earbud cases from Thingiverse. You no longer have to search for open ends or untie knots as this model allows you to roll the wires around the case.

They take around 30 minutes to print.

[Image Source: walter via Thingiverse]

Gearbox Keychain

Taking around 50 minutes to print, this nifty little key chain is a set of fully functional gears. The two pictured below spin smoothly in a ratio of 1.5:1. You can download the template from Thingiverse, there are also extra gears you can add to ramp up the fun.

[Image Source: Umake via Thingiverse]

AA to C Battery Adapter

Need a C battery but only have a bunch of AA's lying around? Hey no problem, the only real difference between the two is the size. They offer the same voltage and C's are actually more expensive. Try out this 3D print hack for "converting" the AA to fit any gadgets that need C batteries.

Once again you can download the template from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: jwags55 via Thingiverse]

Cable Holder (or Cable Clip)

How often do you have cable issues as you work on your computer? How many hours do you spend in front of your desk working on different projects? Keep cables out of harm's way with this nifty 3D print solution. Comes in three different digital prints, one sized for smartphone cables, one standard for fixing in place, and another that can be weighed down with coins.

Get it from Thingiverse site.

[Image Source: bardiaesm via Thingiverse]

Shower Head

Sick of needing to buy showerheads? Why not just 3D print your own. This little doozy is also available for download from Thingiverse. With plenty of vanilla options, there are also so interesting novelty ones from a T-Rex skull to a Halo helmet.

[Image Source: sreisig1 via Thingiverse]

Wall Outlet Shelf

Fond of watching YouTube videos in the kitchen? Often have the need to rest your phone against the wall whilst plugged in? Fear not we've got you covered. This awesome idea lets you put a shelf on your power socket. This mini object can support your phone and charge it at the same time. The design has an angled slot that holds the phone or tablet in an upright viewing position.

Download from MyMiniFactory.

[Image Source: Tosh Sayama via MyMiniFactory]

Cable Management Hive

We all do it, to the best of our abilities at times our desks look like a cable war zone. Phone chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, the list goes on... Luckily for you, it's possible to create almost anything by using plastic materials. Why not get organized by 3D printing this cable management hive. The design is stackable and so you can extend the hive as tall as you want.

You can get the 3D print design from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: Filar3D via Thingiverse]

Monster Mouth Headphone Holder

Monster Mouth is the perfect solution for those who use large headphones. With its "print in place" adjustable clamp you can securely attach it to most desks. It also has additional features to keep the cord from getting tangled up.

Get the 3D print template from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: philbarrenger via Thingiverse]

Caffeine Molecule Drinks Coaster

The most essential tool in your arsenal is caffeine, it's essential to get through the day. Clearly, these come with the occupational hazard of brown rings from overspill. You don't need to put up with that any longer with this awesome drinks coaster. It's based on the caffeine molecule - no better way to start your day! Also, learning is always easier with the best 3D prints!

Download the 3D print template from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: ejo60 via Thingiverse]

Swiss Army Style Key Chain

Oh yes, I didn't even know I had been waiting for this my entire life. This variation on the classic Swiss army knife design is absolutely fantastic. It simply swaps out the blades and other tools for your humble household keys. You print it in two halves and your keys are held in place with standard hex nuts and bolts.

Get it from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: outcastrc via Thingiverse]

IPhone 6S Charging Dock & Passive Amplifier

This exclusive design for the iPhone 6 Series is pretty nifty. There is no need to buy a high tech system or some expensive products if your printer in 3D can provide a better solution. It neatly manages your cables but also acts as a passive amplifier for the phone's built-in speakers. Not too shabby. You are likely to find other designs to fit other phones.

Get it from Cults3D.

[Image Source: C3DBrooklyn via Cults3D]

Collapsible Coffee Sleeve

Never be left without a hot cup sleeve ever again. Refuse the standard items offered by your favorite hot drink vendor, save the planet and look awesome all at the same time.

Download the 3D print template from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: tomhazz via Thingiverse]

USB Drive Cryptex

Last but by no means least, check out, well print out, this awesome USB drive protector. If you have to store a lot of sensitive content on a USB thumb drive, this DIY Cryptex might offer you the much-needed security. The drive is protected with a four lock combination to thwart potential thieves. Of course, you will have that data encrypted as well, right? This small box is built from different parts making it a really cool accessory for your pocket or purse. In future, all your software and company data will be well protected!

Get the template from Thingiverse.

[Image Source: Freakazoid via Thingiverse]

So there you go, some of our favorite 3D print designs and 3D printer ideas for your pleasure. What do you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. There are plenty more on the websites we have linked above so, happy hunting!

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Written by Christopher McFadden

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