Hacker of 117 Million LinkedIn Passwords Identified

Hacker of 117 Million LinkedIn Passwords Identified

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The United States federal government identified a 29-year-old Russian hacker of three web services.

Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin is indicted for hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and a third web service. Initially, LinkedIn reported only 6.5 million passwords were stolen in the 2012 cyber attack. A few months ago, however, that number skyrocketed to 117 million.

The 29-year-old broke into the company's computers by stealing a username and password of a LinkedIn employee who worked at its Mountain View, CA headquarters, according to the indictment.

He followed a similar path for the other two sites. He was arrested in Czech Republic as he was wanted by the FBI. Interpol also issued international warrants for his arrest.

According to court documents, he faces nine separate counts of crimes from computer intrusion to aggravated identity theft.

No word yet if he is at all connected to today DDoS attacks that swept East Coast servers and mainframes.


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